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In my work I try to capture the luscious beauty, color, rich detail, and complexity of form that I see in nature and add my own sense of fantasy.

I am an artist working from my home studio in West Hartford, Connecticut. My background is in design and illustration, though I started out as a printmaker at the Rhode Island School of Design. Perhaps that was where
my love for paper began.

Paper is my medium, a humble and ubiquitous material that I love to collect, create, and work with. 

My technique involves cutting designs out of paper, then curling, folding, and forming them to create layered bas reliefs or fully 3 dimensional constructions.

In my professional work I am often called upon to create environments that showcase products in an interesting
and elegant way, a design challenge I enjoy.

In my personal work, like much of my commercial work,
I am inspired by nature. I am currently working on a series based on lichen.

Clients include Shanghai Tang, Macy's, Bloomingdales,
Saks, Clinique, Origins, Elizabeth Arden, Dior, Essie, DKNY, Giorgio Armani, Anthropologie, Boucheron, Perrier Jouet

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